What Is The Spirit Of White Hat SEO?

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The spirit of white hat SEO is to provide an organic means of optimizing a website in order to improve a search engine ranking by providing a strong foundation to build on and the ability to maintain a high ranking for an extended period of time.

In order to truly understand this definition, it is necessary to explain some of the terms that are used in the above sentence:

What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy that integrates a variety of different techniques that are designed to improve a search engine ranking. The aim is to improve online visibility which results in greater traffic to a website translating directly into greater profits for a business through its online presence.

How Is A Search Engine Ranking Calculated?

Search engines have algorithms in place that are designed to crawl and index web-pages in order to provide quick and relevant search engine results to their users. This process is used to rank a web page as to the relevance that it provides in relation to search criteria. There are a number of factors that can positively influence a ranking and other elements that can result in a webpage being penalized, negatively affecting a search engine ranking.

Unlike most people believe, these algorithms were not originally designed to provide guidelines or best practices for search engine optimization but rather to provide a better user experience. The SEO guidelines have however evolved as businesses and marketing consultants look for ways to improve a search engine ranking and circumvent the natural progression up the search engine ranking ladder.

3. What Is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is often confused with the spirit of white hat SEO. While there are many similarities between the two, white hat techniques include organic SEO in their overall optimization strategy. Organic SEO allows a website to achieve a higher ranking naturally by ensuring that it functions within the parameters of search engine algorithms and does not have any characteristics that could negatively impact a ranking.

White hat SEO on the other hand actively employs techniques that are designed to improve a search engine ranking. All the techniques used are however in line with the guidelines provided by search engines for website optimization.

Why Is The Spirit Of White Hat SEO Important?

There are many benefits and side effects of employing good SEO tactics for your website. Of course, the main focus is to drive more business or traffic to a website in order to increase profitability. However, one of the main side effects of this process is that helps build and maintain the reputation of a business in direct relation to the competition.

The fact is that the top ranked web pages on any search engine results page are probably using SEO in order to achieve and maintain their position. Without employing a comprehensive strategy that integrates different SEO Edmonton techniques, it is unlikely that a business will ever beat out the top-ranked webpages. If you are looking for a the best SEO Kelowna has to offer check out these guys. Local SEO Agency